“Mentoring” is a project that aims not only to find mentors for children deprived of parental care, but also to create a friendly environment in which mentors can share experiences and make children happier! 

Anyone can be trained by a certified coach to become a mentor for children from boarding institutions. What are the steps to take? 

Step 1 

Fill in the google questionnaire for mentors from the Ridni Charitable Foundation. 

Step 2 

Get information about all the necessary documents and start collecting. 

Stage 3 

Have an interview with a worker from our foundation, a psychologist and a representative from the Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth. 

Stage 4 

Bring all the necessary documents and the mentoring application form. 

Step 5 

Attend training for mentors. 

Stage 6 

Get to know the children who need a mentor. 

Step 7 

Choose a child and try to make contact. 

Step 8 

Sign a mentoring agreement. 

Step 9 

Start a mentoring session. 

So, after you have filled in the registration form, we will contact you with all the details regarding the documents and invite you for an interview. 


Why do potential mentors need an interview? 

First of all, it is an opportunity to get to know you and make a first impression. 

Secondly, our psychologist will be present during the interview to help you understand if you are ready to take on responsibility and become a mentor or mentee. 

Thirdly, after the interview you will be able to ask any questions and discuss all the details that interest you. 


List of documents required to become a mentor. 

1. A written application. 

2. Copy of passport and identification number. 

3. Medical certificate of health status. 

4. Criminal record certificate (complete). 

What is a mentor supposed to do? 

The mentor can help a child with their lessons, talk to them about different topics, motivate the child to discover new talents and hobbies, prove that they should not be afraid to explore the world. 

Mentors should give children their time, attention and visit them regularly (at least once a week). 

If you don't have enough experience with children, you can feel free to ask us for help or advice. 

How long does the mentoring last? 

The mentoring begins when the contract is signed and continues until the child leaves the residential care facility or if the mentor, the Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth or the child interrupts the mentoring process. 

How many children will there be for each mentor? 

Each mentor will be assigned to a child. 

Our mentors will take care of children from Lviv care institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care. 

 Remember that mentoring is not only about learning the course, it is about an inner willingness to share your time, emotions and resources with children who need it! 


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