Our mission

Ridni is a Charity Fund whose mission is to facilitate adoption and combat the problem of orphanhood in Ukraine.

Our team has a long-cherished dream—we would like all the children to grow up in the family circle and have a happy childhood. To do so, we provide children and adults with psychological counseling, social support, and educational assistance. We give consultative support to adoptive parents, as well as for foster parents from family-type children’s homes.

Ridni - on guard of childhood - це гасло є ключовим у діяльності нашого фонду, адже наша робота спрямована на те, щоби діти зростали і розвивалися у безпеці та любові.

Our story

We continue the wonderful story of the Diaconia Charity Fund. Since 2012, the Fund has been bringing to fruition various projects to support children from vulnerable social groups.

Over this time, we established 2 family-type children’s homes accomodating 20 children, more than 50 teenagers took part in career guidance programs, more than 100 children participated in day camps during summer and winter vacations, 10 children took the psychological adaptation course, 10 familes received material and psychological support.

Yuriy Fedoriv, founder of the Ridni Charity Fund: :

Every child is much more likely to become a good and successful person if he/she grows up in a family surrounded with love and relevant spiritual education. Therefore, the purpose of the Ridni Charity Fund is to build an effective working model of care and adoption of orphans in Lviv. In the future, we would like to spread this model around all of Ukraine together with other charity funds and all those willing to step on the mission with us

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