Guarding the safety of children
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Our mission

Ridni is a Charity Fund whose mission is to facilitate adoption and combat the problem of orphanhood in Ukraine.

Our team has a long-cherished dream—we would like all the children to grow up in the family circle and have a happy childhood. To do so, we provide children and adults with psychological counseling, social support, and educational assistance. We give consultative support to adoptive parents, as well as for foster parents from family-type children’s homes.

Our highest value is safety and wellbeing of every child

According to our
338 Families received material and psychological assistance
2 Family-Type Children Homes for 20 children created in Lviv
23 Children passed psychological - adaptation course
>50 Teenagers participated in career guidance programs
>100 Children rested in day camps
>20 Programs from the educational sphere
We are on Channel 24.
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