Artproject “Sporidneni”

Sporidneni is a charity art project created in partnership with Gallery 101, Dzyga Art Center and the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv. The main partner of the project is the International Renaissance Foundation. We managed to organise a large-scale project for social adaptation of children aged 8 to 16 through engagement with art. 
It brought together Ukrainian artists and children living in boarding schools and family-type orphanages for a unique experience of creating joint works of art. 

Children worked together with the artists on this task, seeking their own vision and discovering their potential. 


Dzyga Art Center, Gallery 101, Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv. 


•    Yevheniia Serdiukova and Veronika Cherednychenko; 

•    Anna Prus and Iryna Maksymova; 

•    Liudmyla Veselova and Ruslan Luchko; 

•    Iryna Uzhytska and Polina Shcherbyna; 

•    Anastasiia Vyshynska and Yurii Koval; 

•    Olesia Volobuieva and Liudmyla Davydenko; 

•    Veronika Shuruta and Olha Pylnyk; 

•    Svitlana Strus and Mira Bachkur; 

•    Anita Chervoniashcha and Yaroslav Kostko; 

•    Maksym Rudyi and Antonina Denysiuk; 

•    Sofiia Fedotova and Les Panchyshyn; 

•    Nazar Krysko and Dzvinia Podliashetska; 

•    Kostia Vatulin and Olena Kainska; 

•    Oleksandra Yenina and Mariia Proshkovska. 

Art spaces, project partners: Dzyga Art Center, Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv, Lviv Municipal Center, PM Gallery, Ya Gallery Art Center. 


Project stages 
1.Creative encounters between a child and an artist.  
14 children and 14 artists created collaborative works of art.  

2. Exhibition.  
The works created in collaboration between the child and the artist were exhibited in museums and galleries in Lviv.  

3. Auction. 
The works were presented at a charity auction held at the National Museum of Andriy Sheptytsky in Lviv on 12 December 2021.  

In the end we managed to collect UAH 730,474 of charitable donations. 50% of the amount of the sold lot was given to the children who took part in the project, and the rest was used to create the Sporidneni art space for the pupils of the orphanages. 

Watch the video here. 



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