Guardians of childhood

We do everything we can to ensure that children grow up and develop in a safe, loving environment and that they fulfil their dreams and ideas.  There are ongoing projects within this area. 

Guardians of childhood 

The goal of the project is to inspire and motivate children to develop their talents. 

During the project, the children met Bohdan Lohvynenko, the Founder of Ukrainer, the popular rap singer Vova zi Lvova and many other talented Ukrainians. 

Individual mentoring 

As part of the “Mentoring” project, everyone has the opportunity to be trained and become a mentor for a child from an orphanage, who needs love and support the most! 

During this time, we have managed to find mentors for 20 children from institutional care, who are very enthusiastic and eager to visit the children and spend time with them. 

There are around 50 000 children in Ukraine who are still in need of mentors. 

More about the project is here. 

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