War in Ukraine

Our common goal is safety and comfort of children in need.

All our efforts are aimed at supporting and relocated children and their caregivers. Ridni provides targeted assistance to orphans and children without parental care who are near the line of war.

At the moment we:

  • Collect humanitarian help from all over the world;
  • Send humanitarian help all over Ukraine (war front line) and city of Lviv;
  • Provide relocation of children and ensure their safety and temporary residence;
  • Provide shelter children from different regions who need place to stay in Lviv.


Ridni focuses on the welfare of Ukrainian children:

+30 children have been relocated at our Lviv premises from Central and Eastern Ukraine

+89 children have been relocated abroad with their caregivers

What help we need now:

  • We need: food, water, medicine and clothing
  • We are looking for the government support in relocation, placement, and accommodation of children in the state of their dislocation
  • We want to secure safe environment for children already in distress

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March 7, 2022
Children are victims of Putin’s war
March 7, 2022
Children are victims of Putin’s war


Children are victims of Putin’s war:

  • 38 dead and 840 injured (current numbers for 06.03.2022);
  • Children of war: hundreds of Ukrainian children become orphans because of war;
  • War crimes: Putin is firing at civilian buildings, schools, hospitals and kindergartens;
  • Orphans in bomb-shelters: Children have to hide in underground bomb shelters in search of safety.
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