Center Ridni

The Ridni Center for Social Support for Children and Families was set up by the Ridni Charitable Foundation in partnership with Lviv City Council. 

This is where up to 26 children will live temporarily. Among them are children deprived of parental care, orphans and children living in difficult life circumstances. 

Two departments have been set up at the Center: “Urgent Placement of Children” and “Family Support Service”. And thanks to the support of the Ridni Charitable Foundation, there will be a pre-school group as well as free classes in Maths, English and Art for children. 

In a year of operation of the Ridni Center for Social Support for Children and Families, 14 children returned to their families. 45 families are still receiving psychological support and working with professionals for quality changes and a rapid return of children. 

 Read more about the Center's news here. You can find out what the Center looks like here. 


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